Somebody call security!

bear31“Job security” is an oxymoron these days, just like “government intelligence” or “pretty ugly.” You don’t need me to tell you the economy is pretty ugly. And the natural response in these times is to play it safe and keep the boat from rockin’ too much.  Why push for change or take a risk that management might not like your ideas?


Because if we all followed this strategy, the recession could last forever. That’s why.  Without pushing forward, without embracing change and looking for new ways to get results, we go from “great nation” to “stagnation.”


As for me…I ask for the hardest job, aligned with the most important strategic initiative or revenue stream in my company. That’s the only real job security I can think of – being so valuable that they wouldn’t think of eliminating your job.  And even if they do, at least you’re building a success story for your next interview.  Go ahead… call for security!


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3 Comments on “Somebody call security!”

  1. Mike T Says:

    WHoooooooooooooHoooooooooooo! Right on Goadster!

  2. Brian Allan Says:

    Too many people and companies are crawling in a hole. Swing for the fences baby.

  3. Nancy Babyak Says:

    If you make suggestions that you believe in..

    & management sacks you…

    how much longer will it be before the doors close?

    This is not an age of stagnation!

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