What’s your secret?

donuts2I recently lost 25 pounds in just 2 months.  And if you did the same, your friends would ask you “What’s your secret?”  For me the secret was NOT a magical diet or exercise plan.  It was not a fitness coach or state-of-the-art infommercial contraption.  It was not a body-altering or mind-altering drug.


It was a decision.


I decided I wanted to be healthy enough to enjoy the time I have left on this planet with my family and friends.  With that decision made, all the hard work was still hard work… but it was worth it.   So try anything you want – eat half, exercise twice, get a personal chef or fitness coach that yells at you.  But it all begins with the moment you really decide to do it. 


…and don’t stop for Dollar Menu Double Cheeseburgers on the way home from work.


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7 Comments on “What’s your secret?”

  1. Karla Says:

    Congrats David!! Very proud of you and I totally agree with you… Granted it took me 2yrs to lose 30lbs!!! 2 months is awesome!!! Now I’m struggling with my last 6lbs!! I can’t help making my car go straight to the gym vs. MCD’s!!! =P

  2. Stephen V. Richardson Says:

    Amen, brother!

  3. Michelle Waterman-Tamm Says:

    Bravo David! As always, you are inspiring!

  4. Congrats Dave! I made the same “decision” in January and have shaved 12 pounds. I was tempted by paying for a personal trainer, but my wife called me out and said “dude, just stop eating bad and work out with me.”

    If you’re a fast-food shareholder, sell your shares!

  5. Patricia Cox Says:

    Great mental discipline, Dave!

  6. Nora Says:

    I also lost 25 pounds – it took me six months, but I feel great about it.
    I don’t know what switch snapped in my brain in August, but I decided that it was time and I haven’t looked back. I signed up for Weight Watchers online and it has been great for me. I love the points calculator. If I had to do actual math, I’d give up!


  7. Anna Gardner Says:

    Yes, this has been an ongoing battle that I have been losing! BUT this is also a new era in my life and am determined like you my good facebook friend, that I am going to be healthy. I have lots to do in the next 30 or so years and must take better care of myself or it’s all just a pipe dream. I want to travel around the world, be super saleswoman, and on and on!
    Thank you for the encouragement and will keep you posted on the progress!

    Anna Banana Gardner

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