You goaded me into it


I think Goad is a funny last name.  Like many last names, it probably originated with the occupation of my ancestors.  If you look it up, you’ll see that the goad was a sharp stick used to prod reluctant oxen or sheep.  So my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather may have been a farmer, or a shepherd tending his flock on the emerald green hills of Ireland. He used the goad to push the herd along and to pull strays back into line.  I’m sure he may also have used it against wolves trying to infiltrate the herd, with or without sheep’s clothing.


I admit I’ve been more of a sheep than a shepherd most of my life. I’ve been pretty happy to go along with the flow, occasionally getting out of line and reveling in it.  And it may sound presumptuous, but I’m feeling compelled now to step into a shepherd’s role.  This blog will be dedicated to herding forward good ideas, and occasionally whacking a wayward wolf on the head.  It will be dedicated to learning – about me – about you – and about what makes a life worth living in the herd. 


Today a goad is generally defined as a statement that encourages, urges, or drives, and I’m going to try to live up to my name.  Thanks for joining me on the uphill journey, and I apologize in advance if I poke you with a sharp stick.

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12 Comments on “You goaded me into it”

  1. Patricia Cox Says:

    Your introductory remarks were an invitation for exploring my own shepherd-hood! I see myself as a shepherd already in my work as a psychotherapist but I don’t always know the outcome of the clients and whether I have really helped.

    In general, I learn a lot from my clients on how to be a helpful shepherd. I have learned to be a humble and empathetic guide and to instill hope and new possibilities where I can.

  2. Laura Schulz Says:

    Apparently, my maiden name ‘Brandon’ is a derivation of an old Gaelic word meaning ‘broom’. Or so I’ve been told. Makes sense though since I seem to often sweep up others’ messes.

    Nice maiden post, David. From one stick to another, welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Stephen V. Richardson Says:

    I am honored beyond words to get a sneak peek at your first blog. I like it very much… especially how you creatively use the picture to tie in with your theme. Eventually, you might want to change your tag line: “Free advice that’s worth the price” because many of your blogs may not include words of advice. Other than that… Great job!

  4. Ron Cox Says:

    With a last name like mine, you’re not getting any sympathy from me…

    How many middle names could YOUR high school “friends” come up with? Mostly “action verbs” in my case …


  5. Richie Knight Says:

    Mr. Goad,

    I will diligently ‘follow’ along to see the journey you are laying forth.

    I wonder if you are going to explore the reason(s) for being a ‘sheep’ for so long and the ‘revelation’ you have had that now takes you down another path; that of the shepherd. What does it mean to be a shepherd? And why a shepherd and not a General?

    Looking forward to the dialogue!


  6. Faith Legendre Says:

    Great job! Well written! Leaves me wanting for more mental candy.


  7. Loved this post! Keep writing. You are my new favorite blog. Seize the day my friend. Few people have the creativity and intellect you do! Stray now!

  8. Nora Says:

    David, it is interesting, but I’ve never thought of you as a sheep. I’ve always considered you a shepard.

    I look forward to your blog – I can’t wait to see where it all leads us.

    And don’t even talk to me about last names!

  9. Jeff Goad Says:

    Wow! There is a wise Yoda inside of you. Well done bro. As far as shepherding goes, it is impossible not to think of Ezekial 25:17 in the movie Pulp fiction.
    Sorry, one of my favorite bible passages in a movie context ever! I’m certain however that you will be a kind and benevolent shepherd to your “blog flock”.
    Say that 5 times fast!
    Congrats again on a “rare” and meaningful contribution to the blog-o-sphere.

  10. D39 DG Says:


  11. Julie DuVal Says:

    I do not remember you either as any type of sheep….certainly ALWAYS making your own way and dragging the rest of us along!

  12. Jemila Says:

    GRATITUDE! Very interesting!

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